Royal Langkawi Yacht Club - Langkawi, West Malaysia

Dates: November 2022 - May 2023 

Location: 6.3031° N, 99.8512° E

VHS channel: 69 (very responsive)


Price: $$ (102 MYR/day for our 35ft monohull excluding water - inexpensive daily fee - or power - charged per kW)

Check in/out: 5* (simple and fast, the ladies at reception are very friendly, the jetty point adjacent to the marina - 5min walk - allows you to check in and out of the country very easily and free of charge, the staff there is very helpful and deal with this on a daily basis)

Security: 5* (24h security, regular checks at the docks by night guards, biometric access to docks, security cameras)

Accessibility: 4* (short distance by car to main shops, easy to get Grabs as close to jetty point, scooter and car rental just 5min walk, walking distance to shopping centre - about 10min)

Facilities: 4* (very well maintained docks, swimming pool shared with hotel guests but well kept, several restaurants and bars available at decent prices, gym and spa, tricky entrance by sea as there is another “entry” point near the South entrance that is only for dinghies - dangerous shallow and rocky area! It can be a bit loud at the end of the day with all the local charters coming back from sunset cruises)

WiFi: 3* (can work well but not very stable)

Services: 4* (easy to find traders of all kinds, some more expensive than others, staff are not the best at helping to dock but will help you to set up shore power etc)

Diesel: no fuel dock, must use gas station to fill jerrycans or pay extra for the staff at the marina to do it (we rented a car, took all our jerrycans to Petronas and were able to fill all of them as they have a card reader at the pump, however by law you are not allowed to get more than 20-25L at a time so it will depend on each individual gas station and the staff working there)

Marina carts: available but very difficult to find as there are multiple charter companies that snatch them and keep them hidden, can be a pain to get hold of one!

Bathrooms: 4* (a bit out of the way but decent size showers, extremely hot water, you may find monkeys or monitor lizards on the way there, usually harmless if not bothered)

Laundry: available at 5 MYR/kg (to be dropped off at reception in the morning and returned later that day or next morning), we usually get a Grab to a 24h self-service laundry facility that takes only about 8min on the car and is way cheaper

Membership: available (discounts for members and yachties at certain restaurants, bars, gym and even spa)

Marine shop: available on site (good selection of high quality products at very high prices, there are several other marine shops on the island where you may get new or second hand products)

Pet friendly: yes (dogs are welcome but should be walked on leash only, there are some local permanent yacthies that own dogs, there is a decent sized park just 5min walk)

Useful contacts and places:

- Jack 

- Gans Warehouse 

- H&E Trading

- Mr DIY

- Master Octopus Laundry

- Lavish Grocery Store

- Billion Duty Free Supermarket

- Scooter & Car Rental 

- Blue Shelter Marine Shop

- Rebak Marine Shop

- Fredrerik ?

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