Raffles Marina - Singapore

This is the first review we will be writing on the different marinas we have come across during our sails through SE Asia. We hope you find this useful!

We bought the boat in this marina and ended up being stuck here for a lot longer than expected. We will keep it simple and easy for you to have a quick read through but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Dates: August - October 2022

Location: 1.3429° N, 103.6352° E

VHS channel: 77

Website: https://www.rafflesmarina.com.sg/marina/group-1/berthing-facilities.html

Price: $$$ (approximately S$1600/mo for our 35ft monohull with power and water but you can check the prices online)

Check in/out: 2* (mandatory to hire agent to clear in and out $$$, quite complicated and not so straight forward, we had changed ownership and flag which caused a huge hassle for us to be able to leave the country as they were not willing to accept our provisional license)

Security: 5* (card access, 24h security)

Accessibility: 3* (very close to the train station Tuas Link but quite far from main area of Singapore, 30-45min away from most relevant shops, train stops running around midnight, taxis are quite expensive and difficult to get to this area at night)

Facilities: 4* (good condition docks and berths, swimming pool, gym access, bar and restaurants, nice quiet marina)

WiFi: 3* (will not reach the berth, not great speed)

Services: 2* (extremely difficult to get any traders willing to work on private sailboats, very expensive to get any work done in Singapore)

Diesel: fuel dock available at the marina (good quality diesel)

Marina carts: easily available (mail and packages will be brought to your berth by the staff)

Bathrooms: 4* (large showers, hot water, clean but is shared with members who have swimming lessons so can sometimes be crowded)

Laundry: washer and drier - coin operated $$ (the security guard has coins in case you need it, bring your own detergent)

Membership: discounts at restaurant and bar

Marine shop: yes (expensive, not great variety)

Pet friendly: yes (dogs are welcome and you will see some resident ones)

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