Puteri Harbor - Puteri, South Malaysia

Dates: October - November 2022

Location: 1.4171° N, 103.6583° E

VHS channel: 18 (not responsive, contact +60 72871888 on arrival)

Website: https://www.one15marina.com/puteriharbour/marina/

Price: Approximately 135MYR ($32 USD) for our 35ft monohull with power and water

Check in/out: 5* (the staff are super helpful and get all your paperwork done for you, free of charge, they will then take you to immigration - 5min ride - where you will have your passport checked and you’re ready to go! They will clear you out to whatever last port in Malaysia you would like, which means you do not have to check in every time you dock)

Security: 5* (card access, 24h security)

Accessibility: 3* (there is not much in this area but Grab is cheap so you can use this app to get around, it may take quite a long time to get one to take you though depending on the time of day)

Facilities: 3* (berths and docks are in good shape, huge restaurant area, several options but there is a lot of activity at night which means it can be very loud)

WiFi: 3* (on and off, not reliable but cafes and restaurants usually have WiFi)

Services: 4* (they have on site traders who will help you with most basic needs but may not be so helpful when it comes to more specific problems - we arrived with serious engine problems and 20min later had a mechanic onboard, very cheap labor)

Diesel: fuel dock available outside the marina (dodgy quality, leaking nozzle), extremely difficult to get from gas station (limit of one jerrycan per person and taxis will not carry diesel, may ask the staff at the marina to get some fuel but it will be approximately double the price)

Marina carts: easily available (staff may carry you on the golf cart to get to your berth if available)

Bathrooms: 3* (card access needed, decent showers but no hot water, not always the cleanest)

Laundry: not available on site (there is a free transfer twice a week to take you to a laundry facility)

Membership: not available

Marine shop: not available

Pet friendly: yes (dogs are welcome as long as well behaved and on leash, Muslims do not like having contact with dogs, there are some stray dogs nearby the marina)

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