Pangkor Marina - Pangkor, West Malaysia

Dates: November 2022

Location: 4.2106° N, 100.6038° E

VHS channel: 69 


Price: $ (approximately ?? for our 35ft monohull with power and water)

Check in/out: 5* (simple and fast)

Security: 2* (there is a guard 24h a day but you will find them away from their post at times and not really checking who comes in or out, very easy access to docks, we lost a backpack that has never been recovered unfortunately)

Accessibility: 3* (isolated from main city or shops, it sits on a small resort island, not many options for transport, mainly just Grab)

Facilities: 4* (small marina with docks in decent condition, large hardstand area, one nice and fairly priced restaurant/bar, small convenience shop nearby but must take 15 Grab ride to get to large supermarket)

WiFi: 2* (not really usable)

Services: 5* (knowledgable and professional traders available, very quick and hardworking, James runs the place and is extremely helpful - contact +60 16550488)

Diesel: there used to be a fuel dock but it is no longer working, you must ask the staff to fill jerrycans from gas station, again quite more expensive than if you were able to get it yourself

Marina carts: not available

Bathrooms: 3* (small container type structure on the dry dock, a bit out of the way, hot water if sunny day)

Laundry: not available on site (must take 15min ride on Grab to get to closest laundry facility)

Membership: not available

Marine shop: available on site (decent selection of second hand items, reasonable prices)

Pet friendly: yes (dogs are welcome and there are resident dogs walking freely, which means you should be careful when walking your dogs as they may not be so friendly)

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