Admiral Marina - Port Dickson, West Malaysia

Dates: November 2022

Location: 1N 02° 28.76’, E 101° 50.68’

VHS channel: 14 


Price: $ (approximately 75MYR per night for our 35ft monohull with power and water)

Check in/out: 5* (we only had to check into the marina, it was a quick and easy job)

Security: 3* (there is supposed to be 24h security but you don’t see the guards all night, everyone that walks by would be able to enter the docks however we never had any issues or felt unsafe)

Accessibility: 3* (not really close to anything of interest or need but again Grabs are cheap and not so difficult to get, there are a couple of local cheap restaurants about 10min walk)

Facilities: 2* (several docks are falling apart and not safe, there are cracks all over, there is a swimming pool but seems to be used by anyone that walks in, there is only one restaurant/bar and it is terrible)

WiFi: 2* (not really usable)

Services: 2* (there are no traders available anywhere close by)

Diesel: easy to obtain from local gas station, we did not have any issues filling up all jerrycans, best to rent a car for this day as taxi drivers will not take you 

Marina carts: occasionally (it can be difficult to get hold of them)

Bathrooms: 2* (terrible showers, cold water, broken, not clean at all)

Laundry: not available on site (there is a coin operated laundry facility about 10min walk from the marina)

Membership: not available

Marine shop: not available

Pet friendly: yes (dogs are welcome as long as well behaved and on leash, Muslims do not like having contact with dogs)

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