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Swizzle Haul-out & 10 days of hell

Our first haul out on Swizzle was a daunting yet exciting experience. We took the bot out of the water at B&V Marine, in Langkawi, Malaysia. We chose to use B&V Marine due to its convenient location to our land accommodation, and best of all PRICE! Now some things we had to consider for haul out and a few tips for anyone looking to do the same 1. Facilities - B&V Marine had everythi ...

Koh Lipe - The sailing hiatus

After spending nearly 3 months on Koh Lipe, Thailand, we are now planning our departure and preparing for the massive undertaking of hauling out the Swizzle in preparation for our next LONG voyage. Our time here has been much more than expected and though we've met a few setbacks since our arrival, we have taken them in stride. The diving, the food, the beaches and views are all exactly what we ...

Alright so we all know how hard it can be to travel with our beloved pets and this article is meant to give you an idea of what it took to bring our two medium sized dogs to Singapore. The rules are mostly similar to cats but since we have dogs I will focus on that. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have and I will be happy to answer them. First of all let's introduce them (this ...

Port Dickson to THAILAND! 500 miles :)

Captain's Log November 29, 2022 Leaving Port Dickson! It was a really enjoyablece stop, especially considering all the great banter we had with all the sailors we first met in Puteri Harbor. Now its time to leave though, on to the next. We left dock at approximately 8:30am and looking at Pangkor for our next stop. Seas are calm, not much breeze but still flying the main sail to get whatever we ...

Puteri Harbor to Port Dickson - 160 nautical miles

A combination of anxiety, excitement, nervousness, and happiness... those are all the feelings involved with our FINAL departure from Puteri Harbor. The engine is 98% in working order, still some issues with the fuel pump and some air making it into the fuel lines, but so far it's been very minimal. Most of the issues can be avoided by some routine checks as we're moving. Our departure from the ...

Malaysia @ Puteri Harbor - The start of the Journey

The journey begins with a short trip across the Johor Strait, the first step on the long journey that lies ahead. In our case, it was more of a RUN TO THE BORDER, since we were towing our dinghy across the border, which is illegal in Singapore. The good thing about it, however, is that the border is only 400m from the entrance of Raffles, so we had a pretty good chance of winning. And we did :) So ...

It's been MONTHS (6 weeks) since arriving in Singapore. Finally after countless hours of engine work, painting, updating, more engine work, and cleaning, we are almost ready to depart for the maiden voyage. Now it's time to get ready for the long 600 nautical mile sail north to Phuket. This includes getting the dogs situated, provisioning, and saying goodbye to all of the amazing people we've met ...

Singapore: 50 interesting facts

Some interesting facts I've learned about Singapore during my time here. #1 They love acronyms here. OTP, EP, ERP, IC, MBS... and I'm not sure what ANY of them mean #2 Singapore is an Island/Country/City all in one #3 Singaporeans are in the top longest life expectancy which is 84.8 years #4 The Singaporean passport is one of the strongest in the world #5 Singaporeans sing its national anthem ...

Meet the crew

Meet Fifa and Binks. Fifa is an island dog through and through. Originally born in Fiji, she's been traveling islands of the world her entire life and has more stamps in her passport than some people. Her main loves in life consist of napping on the couch, chasing crabs and chewing on coconuts. And there is Binks. A true special being of this world. Born on the split island of S ...

How Swizzle started

Have you ever had the feeling that you are supposed to be somewhere? Like maybe the universe is telling you that you need to go in a certain direction? That's kind of how this started. I was finishing up my season working on a liveaboard charter in the Bahamas, Rita was winding down with her contract in Bermuda and in a fleeting conversation I said, "I think I'm going to buy a sailboat and s ...

Sail now, Work later
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