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Swizzle Haul-out & 10 days of hell

Our first haul out on Swizzle was a daunting yet exciting experience. We took the bot out of the water at B&V Marine, in Langkawi, Malaysia. We chose to use B&V Marine due to its convenient location to our land accommodation, and best of all PRICE! Now some things we had to consider for haul out and a few tips for anyone looking to do the same 1. Facilities - B&V Marine had everythi ...

Dates: November 2022 - May 2023 Location: 6.3031° N, 99.8512° E VHS channel: 69 (very responsive) Website: Price: $$ (102 MYR/day for our 35ft monohull excluding water - inexpensive daily fee - or power - charged per kW) Check in/out: 5* (simple and fast, the ladies at reception are very friendly, the jetty point adjacent to ...

Pangkor Marina - Pangkor, West Malaysia

Dates: November 2022 Location: 4.2106° N, 100.6038° E VHS channel: 69 Website: Price: $ (approximately ?? for our 35ft monohull with power and water) Check in/out: 5* (simple and fast) Security: 2* (there is a guard 24h a day but you will find them away from their post at times and not really checking who comes in or out, ve ...

Admiral Marina - Port Dickson, West Malaysia

Dates: November 2022 Location: 1N 02° 28.76’, E 101° 50.68’ VHS channel: 14 Website: Price: $ (approximately ?? for our 35ft monohull with power and water) Check in/out: 5* (we only had to check into the marina, it was a quick and easy job) Security: 3* (there is supposed to be 24h security but you don’t see the guards a ...

Puteri Harbor - Puteri, South Malaysia

Dates: October - November 2022 Location: 1.4171° N, 103.6583° E VHS channel: 18 (not responsive, contact +60 72871888 on arrival) Website: Price: Approximately 135MYR ($32 USD) for our 35ft monohull with power and water Check in/out: 5* (the staff are super helpful and get all your paperwork done for you, free of cha ...

Raffles Marina - Singapore

This is the first review we will be writing on the different marinas we have come across during our sails through SE Asia. We hope you find this useful! We bought the boat in this marina and ended up being stuck here for a lot longer than expected. We will keep it simple and easy for you to have a quick read through but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! Dates: A ...

Koh Lipe - The sailing hiatus

After spending nearly 3 months on Koh Lipe, Thailand, we are now planning our departure and preparing for the massive undertaking of hauling out the Swizzle in preparation for our next LONG voyage. Our time here has been much more than expected and though we've met a few setbacks since our arrival, we have taken them in stride. The diving, the food, the beaches and views are all exactly what we ...

Alright so we all know how hard it can be to travel with our beloved pets and this article is meant to give you an idea of what it took to bring our two medium sized dogs to Singapore. The rules are mostly similar to cats but since we have dogs I will focus on that. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have and I will be happy to answer them. First of all let's introduce them (this ...

Port Dickson to THAILAND! 500 miles :)

Captain's Log November 29, 2022 Leaving Port Dickson! It was a really enjoyablece stop, especially considering all the great banter we had with all the sailors we first met in Puteri Harbor. Now its time to leave though, on to the next. We left dock at approximately 8:30am and looking at Pangkor for our next stop. Seas are calm, not much breeze but still flying the main sail to get whatever we ...

Puteri Harbor to Port Dickson - 160 nautical miles

A combination of anxiety, excitement, nervousness, and happiness... those are all the feelings involved with our FINAL departure from Puteri Harbor. The engine is 98% in working order, still some issues with the fuel pump and some air making it into the fuel lines, but so far it's been very minimal. Most of the issues can be avoided by some routine checks as we're moving. Our departure from the ...

If you can’t repair it, maybe it shouldn’t be on board.
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